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National Council

National Chair and Spokesperson

Rev. Dr Hedley Fihaki (Queensland)

I was born in Tonga 1970, came to Australia in 1977. I enjoy playing the guitar and watching Rugby Union, particuarly Australia vs. NZ.
Current placement: Minister of the Word - Mooloolaba Uniting Church, Sunshine Coast Qld. 

Member UCA National Assembly 2006, 2009 & 2015 and 2018. Member of the 19th World Methodist Conference 2006, South Korea.

Previous placements:  Bowen Uniting Church, North Qld. 2001-2004; Emmanuel Uniting Church, Cairns, 2005 - 2012, KIngaroy UCA (supply 2013 - 6 months) and is presently the minister at Mooloolaba Uniting Church.

Deputy Chair: Pastor Matt Kang

Matt is the English Language Pastor at Sydney Cheil Church.

Council Secretary: Rev. Anne Hibbard

Anne is a Minister of the Word in NSW, presently leading a prayer and fasting ministry and also the prayer network for the national ACC. 

Treasurer (See under members)

Rev Ian Weeks

Members of the Council

Rev Walter Abetz (Tasmania)

Walter is a retired minister and key leader in the ACC Tasmanian Movement

Rev Ian Clarkson (South Australia)

Co-ordinator, HopeNet INC, SA 

Rev. Trevor Faggotter (South Australia)

Trevor is the Minister at Clare Uniting Church and convenes the ACC Discipleship and Evangelism Commission. 

Rev. Mike Fawcett (Western Australia)

Mike is a Minister in Perth and helps to coordinate the PNEUMA group in WA (Pastoral Network of Evangelicals Uniting in Mission Action)

Barry O'Ryan (Queensland)

Barry is a member of Edmonton Uniting Church in Far North Queensland.

Rev. Lulu Senituli (Queensland)

Lulu is the minister at Sunnybank Uniting Church in Brisbane and chairs the ACC Cross Cultural Commission.

Rev. Ian Weeks (NSW)

Ian is the Minister at Belrose Uniting Church (NSW)