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ACC Structure and Governance

Annual Assembly

Elects ACC officers; Chair, Deputy Chair and Secretary, and National Council. Receive Reports and set policy.

National Council

12 members elected by Assembly.

(and up to 4 co-opted)

National Commissions

Theology and Ecumenical Relationships

Develop doctrinal and theological resources as required by the Assembly of Confessing Congregations, including responses to doctrinal decisions of the Uniting Church.

Discipleship and Evangelism

Encourage and equip the Assembly of Confessing Congregations to bear witness, in word and deed, to the redeeming work of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour, by developing bible studies and pastoral resources, etc. 

Social Responsibility

Assist the Assembly of Confessing Congregations to critically reflect upon our culture’s presuppositions in the light of the orthodox, reformed and evangelical faith. Identify social/public issues of importance and produce statements, study resources and discussion papers for ACC Congregations and ACC Groups.

Cross Cultural

Liaise with migrant/ethnic and indigenous congregations in the Uniting Church. Develop and maintain an environment where indigenous and migrant/ethnic congregations can confidently participate in the life of the ACC. Develop, gather and promote cross-cultural resources that foster the unity of the church and its mission in Jesus Christ. Organize the translation of ACC documents and resources into different languages. Based in Queensland.

State Networks

Provide regional pastoral support and encouragement to congregations and leaders.

National Prayer Network

Call and encourage the ACC to be a people of prayer and fasting. Provide prayer support for individuals, congregations, networks, commissions, the national council and the mission of the church as a whole.


National Office

Communication Team

Take responsibility for facilitating and communicating the work of the National Assembly, National Council and Commissions within ACC congregations, and in relation to the UCA, other Churches and the public media. Co-ordinate social media and website.

Board of Management

Take responsibility for administrative, financial and legal matters. Reports to the National Council and Assembly.

Robert Iles Memorial Trust

George Robert Iles (1949-2009) was a pastor, theologian and apologetic, passionate about Jesus. Born in Fremantle, Western Australia, he grew up with a love for the ocean and a thirst for travel, body building, sport, music and life itself. He was influenced early on by the radio ministry of Herbert W. Armstrong and felt a call to ministry in his mid-twenties when he discovered that God was ‘for' him and not a distant, authoritative God. He moved to Adelaide to study at Parkin Wesley Theological College, met his best friend Murray Earl and his future wife, Janis. After graduation, George embarked on six years in his first parish at Waikerie Uniting Church, where his daughter Susannah died and his other two children were born. After this, his lifelong love of study took him and his family to the United States to complete a Masters at Fuller Seminary where he pastored at Knox Presbyterian church as well. During this time he decided to become known by Robert, his middle name. He returned to Adelaide where he ministered in the Uniting Church at Tusmore Memorial 8 years, Golden Grove 13 years and Walkerville 2 years. In 1994 he completed his Doctor of Philosophy through Kensington University; his dissertation being ‘A Study of Key Writings of Soren Kierkegaard and Their Relationship to Sartrean Existentialism'. He was a voracious reader of all things theological, fiction, books on submarines and latterly health. His work as a pastor was something to which he was dedicated and he was much loved by his own and church families. He was strong on the authority of scripture and while never seeking the limelight, he was fearless in providing orthodox leadership in doctrine and theology and promoting the relevance of God's word to emerging social issues of the day. 

The Robert Iles Memorial Trust Fund (The Assembly of Confessing Congregations Inc. is the Trustee) was established in memory of Robert in 2011 to celebrate and further his teaching and ministry, which were noted for their focus on the gospel and bringing a biblical perspective to contemporary public issues in society and the world. It has been generously supported by his friends and colleagues and congregations where he had been Pastor.  A continuing initiative is the publication of Robert's sermons and writings on a blog at http://ilesblog.com. For those wishing to support the Fund, further details are available by writing to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or The Secretary, Robert Iles Memorial Trust Fund, PO Box 495, Walkerville, South Australia 5081.