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Board of Communication


To provide resources, information and support for the Assembly of Confessing congregations (ACC), or its National Council in the following ways

  1. Provision of a magazine: ACCatalyst; 
  2. Provision of a regular newsletter and other information to members as required;
  3. Provision of media liaison and public relation services;
  4. Oversight and management of the website: www.confessingcongregations.com and related services;
  5. Review publications and material provided by members and Commissions and Boards for the ACC, including material for posting on the website;
  6. To provide communication and public relation services and advice as needed.

Membership (8 – 10 members)

Board Convenor and Convenors of the specialist areas and elected members.

  • ACCatalyst Editorial Committee
  • Review Committee
  • Media and Public Relations
  • Website Committee

Convenor: Bruce Lyon

Members: Anne Weeks, Owen Davis, Rev Wayne McHugh, Revd Dr Max Champion (Executive Editor ACCatalyst),

Staff: Peter Bentley (National Director)

Contact: for further information: see contact details for the ACC Office.

Note: the ACC National Chair, Rev Dr Hedley Fihaki is the spokesperson for the ACC.