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Congregation Membership

inauguration_1_400_400Congregational or Group Membership

Membership of the Assembly of Confessing Congregations of the Uniting Church in Australia is open to congregations and groups who endorse the Founding Documents, such Confessing Statement (s) as may be adopted by the ACC, and the Objects of the Association (adopted at the Inaugural meeting of The Assembly of Confessing Congregations within the Uniting Church in Australia meeting October 13-14, 2006)

Group Members

The ACC recognises groups of individual supporting members, with a minimum number of 8 (eight) persons.

The following terms are now used to explain the different groups in the ACC.

ACC Group – a group from the same congregation, eg., the New Hamlet UC ACC Group (this might occur when a congregation decides not to join, but allows a group within the congregation to be an ACC group).

ACC Cluster – a group of ACC supporting members from a variety of congregations in a regional area, e.g., the New Region ACC Cluster. Each member pays an individual, couple or family membership and do not have to pay a a further fee)

Download Congregation or Group Membership Form

For "Cluster Membership", use this form.

Details regarding voting & representation and fee structure.


Note: Individuals are able to hold office in the A.C.C. and vote in its National Council and committee meetings.

Those entitled to vote at full Assembly meetings shall be the representatives of those congregations and groups established or recognized by the National Council. Individual members shall have the right to attend and speak at meetings but not vote.

Members of the National Council have been granted voting rights at meetings of the Assembly of Confessing Congregations of the U.C.A.


For recognised Congregations and Groups voting will be based on the following formula; one representative for each 50 members of the congregation or group or part thereof. Up to a max of 5 representatives.


The A.C.C. National Council has determined Annual Membership Fees in order to provide finance toward the work of the A.C.C.

That for purposes of membership the financial year be the year of membership;

  • For Congregations and Groups approved by the National Council 
    $10 per member in each congregation and group (no fee for cluster groups as individuals pay supporting membership - $40 full or $20 concession).
    The National Council has set a ceiling of $2000 for congregational and group membership.
  • Donations above this figure will be welcomed gladly.

Member congregations are listed under 'State Networks'