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Supporting Membership

ivan_321x480_400Individual, couple or family supporting member

Individual Supporting Membership of 'The Assembly of Confessing Congregations of The Uniting Church in Australia' is open to

  1. individuals who are attending and/or are committed to a congregation of the UCA;
  2. individuals who are members of the UCA and;
  3. individuals who are friends of the UCA.

who endorse the Founding Documents, such Confessing Statement (s) as may be adopted by the ACC, and the Objects of the Association (adopted at the Inaugural meeting of The Assembly of Confessing Congregations within the Uniting Church In Australia meeting October 13-14, 2006).
Note: Supporting members are entitled to attend, and participate at all events and meetings of “The Assembly of Confessing Congregations of The Uniting Church in Australia”, on the basis of a non-voting member unless elected to the National Council. Membership brocure here

Details regarding voting and fee structure.


Note: Individuals are able to hold office in the A.C.C. and vote in its National Council and committee meetings.

Those entitled to vote at full Assembly meetings shall be the representatives of those congregations and groups established or recognised by the National Council. Individual members shall have the right to attend and speak at meetings but not vote.

Members of the National Council have been granted voting rights at meetings of the Assembly of Confessing Congregations of the U.C.A.


The A.C.C. National Council has determined Annual Membership Fees in order to provide finance toward the work of the A.C.C.

From the 2020-21 financial year the fees are: 

Individuals, Couples or Families $20.00

Concession (self-determined): $10.00

Membership Form