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National Commissions

Theology and Ecumenical Relationships

Develop doctrinal and theological and ecumenical resources as required by the Assembly of Confessing Congregations, including responses to doctrinal decisions of the Uniting Church and assisting the ACC in its ecumenical relationships with other denominations in Australia and wider.
Based in Victoria, Convenor: Rev Dr Max Champion

Discipleship and Evangelism

Encourage and equip the Assembly of Confessing Congregations to bear witness, in word and deed, to the redeeming work of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour, by developing bible studies and pastoral resources, etc.
Based in SA, Convenor: Rev. Trevor Faggotter

Social Responsibility

Assist the Assembly of Confessing Congregations to critically reflect upon our culture’s presuppositions in the light of the orthodox, reformed and evangelical faith. Identify social/public issues of importance and produce statements, study resources and discussion papers for ACC Congregations and ACC Groups.
(Now run as a task group model for issues as needed)

Cross Cultural

Liaise with migrant/ethnic and indigenous congregations in the Uniting Church. Develop and maintain an environment where indigenous and migrant/ethnic congregations can confidently participate in the life of the ACC. Develop, gather and promote cross-cultural resources that foster the unity of the church and its mission in Jesus Christ. Organize the translation of ACC documents and resources into different languages.
Based in Queensland, Convenor: Rev. Lulu Senituli