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Discipleship and Evangelism Resources

Reformation Study Series: Ideas that changed the World

500 Years since the Reformation. A Four Part Study.


Dominic Steele’s Reformation Video/Book Study Series: 

Changed the World

Note: a brief Facebook intro is given by Dominic


Marriage - The Profound Mystery A DVD Study series

The Pround mystery of Marriage  

The Hope of a New Heaven and New Earth

The Study Guide for the DVD 'The Hope of a New Heaven and New Earth'.

Conversations in Discipleship & Evangelism - a study guide

“The Gospel That Loosens The Tongue” DVD Series

Effective Church Councils

Document is to help Church Councils to be more effective. Written by Rev Dr Dean Brookes at Hope Valley Uniting Church in SA

Following Jesus - Discipleship in the Gospel of Mark

A new Lenten bible study resource for your small group. This five week bible study will take a fresh look at following Jesus in the Gospel of Mark and inspire you to follow him today.

A Contemporary Apologist - Alister McGrath

Robert Iles highlights a "modern Erasmus" - Alister McGrath. His knowledge is prolific, his writings limpid, his commitment to the Gospel passionate, his appreciation of the Church perceptive and his theological convictions powerfully biblical. He is a theological, philosophical and apologetic evangelist and a great gift to this generation of Christians.

Encouragement from the Past -  PT Forsyth

Robert Iles shows why Peter Taylor Forsyth was a theological colossus coming out of Scottish Congregationalism. "I have heard him quoted and cited by T F Torrance, Alister McGrath and other luminaries. He has been the most consistently abiding theological influence on my own life and thinking. I once knew a powerful visitation of God’s Spirit while studying The Holy Father."

The Forgotten Reformer: An encouragement from the Past

Robert Iles remembers Erasmus, sometimes called the forgotten Reformer, who was a genius of his time Erasmus had an encyclopaedic knowledge and a devotion to scholarship unsurpassed, coupled with an unwavering devotion to Christ.