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Theology and Ecumenical Relationships Resources

Reformation Study Series: Ideas that changed the World

500 Years since the Reformation. A Four Part Study.


Dominic Steele’s Reformation Video/Book Study Series: 

Changed the World

Note: a brief Facebook intro is given by Dominic


ACC Marriage Resource: Declaration on Marriage and the Family

The ACC Declaration on Marriage and the Family was received and endorsed at the 2016 ACC AGM: 7 November.

The Heresy of Orthodoxy

Clive Skewes takes a solid look at the othodoxy of theological diversity, its origins and proponents.  He overviews the response by andreas J Kostenberger and Michael J Kruger in their book "The Heresy of Orthodoxy."

A Declaration of Hope

ACC Doctrine and Theology Commission Chair, Dr Rosalie Hudson explains the hope behind the ACC's theological declaration and commentary and study guide.

ACC Theological Declaration - Commentary and Study Guide

Assembly Founding Documents