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Social Responsibility

Terms of Reference


  1. To serve the Assembly of Confessing Congregations (ACC) by seeking to revitalise the church's theology and practice in the area of social responsibility.
  2. To assist the ACC to reflect critically upon our culture's presuppositions in the light of the orthodox, reformed and evangelical faith.
  3. To produce a series of clear statements in terms and forms accessible to ACC members which clarify the meaning of Christian 'social responsibility'; terms like 'social justice', 'social action', 'social service'; and concepts like discrimination, tolerance, compassion, human rights.
  4. To identify social/public issues of importance and produce statements, study materials and resources for ACC congregations and groups.
  5. To advise the ACC National Council concerning positions on social and cultural issues.


  • The Commission presently acts as a Task Group convened for specific matters.
  • For contact purposes see the ACC Office.
  • Resource Members
    • Rev Mike Fawcett
    • Rev  Anne Hibbard
    • Ex-officio: ACC Chair


Interest Group on caring for other species in the Creation(CCWG)

An Interest Group has been set up within the ACC, for ACC members having an environmental interest in caring for other species. Known as the "Creation Care Working Group" (CCWG). The CCWG has a number of resource materials available, including Bible Studies, Prayers for the Creation and News.

These items will be added from time to time to the Resources section of the ACC website.

Convenor: Nola Stewart

Contact details via the ACC Office.