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2018 ACC Conference: Reference and a brief overview

With over 250 registered members (and up to 290 people at some sessions), the 2018 ACC AGM and Conference held in Sydney 17-19 September was a gathering of vibrant and stirring fellowship. It was a poignant meeting for many members who had attended the inaugural ACC Conference held at Wesley Church, Wesley Mission in October 2006. The 2018 AGM and Conference provided a strong base for encouraging one another with the theme of "Living and Working Within the Faith and Unity of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church." People have spoken of the joy of meeting with a common and united fellowship and hearing from the excellent and challenging speakers. A list of speakers and their presentations is below. During the Tuesday night rally (18 September) the offering toward Drought Aid raised $2600.

A number of significant decisions were made during the AGM sessions and these have been communicated to ACC members and further information will be provided over the coming weeks and also in the December 2018 ACCatalyst magazine. The National Council for 2018-2019 was appointed (for members see the website links).

ACC was blessed to be led by a wonderful group of Tongan and Samoan members in the singing, with some memorable and inspiring group items. The Wesley Church worship space enabled a prayerful focus and we extend our deep thanks to all the help from members of Wesley Congregational Life, the Wesley Conference Centre team and Upper Room Catering.  

Papers and video (note: as made available) will be provided on the ACC website and ACC YouTube site and members will be notified by email when this material is available.

Speakers at the 2018 ACC Conference

Rev. Dr Keith Garner AM: Wesley Mission CEO and Superintendent

“Signs of a Healthy Church” (Sermon at the Opening Worship, Monday 17 September): 7 pages PDF.

Rev. Walter and Dr Katherine Abetz: ACC Tasmanian leaders (Devotional Study: Tuesday morning 18 September).

Swimming Between the Flags (A PowerPoint presentation illustrating the marks of an orthodox church)

Monica Doumit: Commentator, writer and legal advisor, and prominent contributor to many Catholic publications, including The Catholic Weekly. Keynote Speaker: Monday night 17 September.

“Challenges for the Church Post Plebiscite.”

Rev. Professor James Haire AC: Ninth President of the UC Assembly. Keynote Speaker: Tuesday morning 18 September.

“Facing the challenges of confessing the faith within the unity of the one holy catholic and apostolic church.” (8 pages PDF)

Rev. Dr Max Champion: ACC Theology and Ecumenical Relationships Convenor. Keynote Speaker Tuesday 18 September.

Why do our churches need faithful confessors? Because “a church which is unable to confess its faith is a lame and withered church.”

Bishop Michael Stead: Anglican Bishop of the Southern Region: Sydney. Keynote Speaker. Rally Tuesday Night 18 September.

“Living and working within the faith and unity of the one holy catholic and apostolic church."

Rev Dr Hedley Fihaki: ACC Chair

"The Cost of Discipleship" (Sermon at the communion service Wednesday 19 September): 6 pages PDF.