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ACC in the Media

An archival listing of ACC references in the Media since just before the 15th Assembly.

If you have other references please email the ACC office.

ABC News On-line: 26 May 2019. "Uniting Church threatens to split over liberal same-sex marriage stance"

ABC News TV: 26 May 2019. The news item from the TV News can also be found on state news eg., in South Australia click and see from 6m 40s mark.


Eternity News: 21 February 2019. "Evangelicals want a 'gospel-saturated, Holy Spirit fuelled' Uniting Church"

ABC News On-line: 7 Janury 2019. "UC to continue to allow same-sex marriages following deciding vote in SA."

Eternity News: 5 January 2019. "UC Conservatives fail to pause gay weddings."

Eternity News: 25 September 2018. "Uniting Church evangelicals consider their future"

Christian Today: 9 September 2018. "Uniting Church in Australia Highlights Less-Uniting Stance"

Eternity News: 20 August 2018. "UCA pushback begins"

Eternity News: 13 July 2018. "Uniting Church to hold same sex marriages"

Eternity News: 20 June 2018: "Uniting Church faces decision time"