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ACC joins in United Prayer in October

Call for members of the Assembly of Confessing Congregations
within the UCA 
to Fast and Pray in October 2016 for Marriages and Families

The Assembly of Confessing Congregations has registered to partner with many other mainline denominations and groups across our nation for a month of prayer and fasting during October for marriages and families. This prayer venture was first initiated by the Australian Catholic Marriage and family council and now with the Catholic Church's encouragement and permission other churches are joining in their own way.  Warwick Marsh from the National Day of Prayer and Fasting is facilitating the body of Christ coming together at this time.  I have never seen the church come together in such a way before in Australia and I give thanks and praise to God as we cry out together for mercy for our country. 

What are we to pray for?


  • our own repentance regarding marriage and families; 
  • families in distress; 
  • those experiencing same gender attraction and their families; 
  • the debate that occurs in our country will be fair and respectful including in parliament and the media and an outcome that preserves God's plan for marriage

Please remember to pray for our Uniting Church at this time.  The Uniting Church Assembly, unlike many other denominations across the body of Christ has decided not to partner with this prayer initiative for various reasons. As you know there is much division in our church over this issue.  Pray that we can have the balance of respecting and loving one another, but not to be afraid of speaking out what we believe is God's will in this matter as revealed in scripture.  Pray for compassionate and truthful courage and conviction to sweep through our church and that a strong, united, compassionate, humble, truth telling remnant would rise up united in Christ. 
Taking Part
I encourage you to respectfully encourage as many people you can in your congregations and presbyteries to also join in this amazing coming together of the body of Christ at this time for His glory.  If you want a daily devotional sent to you for the month  from the combined churches team please go to this link  click here.
We apologize that there is not more notice as it is only just evolving and coming into being. Please see below for more details and a media release from Warwick Marsh, National Day of Prayer and Fasting. 
Let us know your commitment
Please let us  know if you and/or your ACC and/or UCA congregation or cluster group are committed to this and will be fasting and praying through the month. It is very important that there is a strong group of Uniting Church members, congregations and groups that are joining together with the wider body of Christ. ACC takes an important role at this point in the history of the wider church in Australia. Uniting Prayer and Fasting have also registered partnership with this month of prayer and fasting.
Not too late for other UCA groups and presbyteries to register
We encourage any other Uniting Church groups to also consider registering and partnering with the Month of Prayer and Fasting for Marriage and Families. Contact Warwick Marsh at the website below.
May the Lord Jesus Christ grant us all strength, grace and courage to be faithful to what He has called us to.
Rev Anne  Hibbard
ACC Prayer Coordinator


United Call to Prayer & Fasting
for Marriage and Families
through month of October 2016

On 15 September 2016, a gathering of Christian leaders from all over Australia confirmed their support for a call by the Catholic Church for a month of Prayer and Fasting for marriage and families throughout October 2016. Approximately a dozen denominational leaders, church network leaders and prayer leaders called for all Christian churches and Christian organisations across the nation to get behind this important call for prayer. Key Christian Aboriginal leaders are also supporting this call for prayer and fasting to protect marriage from redefinition. Marriage between a man and a woman is sacred in Indigenous culture. Together all these leaders congratulated the Catholic Church for showing leadership and taking the initiative on this important issue. See this website for more information regarding Indigenous perspective on sacredness of marriage: Click here

The team at the National Day of Prayer & Fasting, in cooperation with the Canberra Declaration, are going to provide a daily email devotion comprising a scripture, short inspiration and prayer for all those who want a digital daily inspiration. Sign up for the daily devotional about celebrating and protecting Gods Plan for marriage  throughout the month of October: Click here
Warwick Marsh (National Day of Prayer and Fasting) and James Condon (Salvation Army) are the co-convenors of the gathering and are contacting denominational leaders and Christian organisations to register their support for this period of Prayer & Fasting for Marriage and Families during the month of October.
Warwick Marsh, National Day of Prayer & Fasting