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Compromise, cataracts and our loss of vision in the Uniting Church

Rev Robert Griffith explores the Uniting Church's loss of vision in the post-15th Assembly context. (PDF 2 pages)


Cataracts often develop slowly over many years ...
At our second Assembly in 1979, one of our founding fathers, Davis McCaughey, delivered a stinging rebuke to the Church which he helped birth only two years before. Even at that early stage, our spiritual cataracts had begun to grow and blur our vision as we wandered away from The Basis of Union and the Scriptures in pursuit of some unique ‘ethos’ which distinguished us from other parts of the Body of Christ. At the time of McCaughey’s death in 2005, President Dean Drayton publicly declared that Davis McCaughey had, "... provided much of the vision, wisdom and intellectual strength behind Church union." What our President neglected to point out was how quickly that vision and wisdom was discarded.