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Faith in a Time of Crisis

Standing for the Truth in a Changing World

Vaughan Roberts with Peter Jensen, (edited by Geoff Robson), Matthias Media, Sydney, 2017, PP 143. Rrp $16.95 

A growing number of ACC members have read this relatively short book, and while the authors are Anglican, the material is of a broad nature and issues for the wider confessing movement are considered. Four chapters are provided by Vaughan Roberts, who would be well-known to evangelical readers for his books considering contemporary issues often from historical contexts. He has recently provided a helpful short volume Transgender (2016). 

Vaughan Roberts addresses four key areas: 

True Gospel - the importance of this chapter cannot be underestimated as the point is that there is simply a different and erroneous gospel being proclaimed in liberal circles today. One that has no good news and while ACC members would understand this, many others in the church are sadly simply unaware.

True Sex - the context here of ‘isex’ - and the critique of sex focussed on the individual is very helpful. We need to understand the present and Roberts here fully presents the true opposite to what the world promotes.  

True Love - an encouragement to explore again the love that is truly Christian, true friendship and behaviour, all blessing each other together.

True Unity - this is an essential chapter and very interesting for non-Anglicans. The whole matter of unity (in diversity) is so woefully promoted by some in the Uniting Church that one could have the impression that Unitarian unity is the gospel.

True Faith - former Anglican Archbishop of Sydney, Dr Peter Jensen provides the final chapter on our faith. This is a sterling and stirring chapter. While the context is GAFCON and the presenting issues are focussed within the Anglican Communion the issues are not isolated and the matter of ‘unity’ is the essential context and explored well. Parts of the chapter are from Peter Jensen’s stimulating address at Westminister Theological Seminary in 2015 (the eighth annual Richard B. Gaffin Lecture on Theology, Culture, and Mission), so if you would like to consider the issues he raises in more detail watch this presentation - available on Vimeo.

If you don’t have opportunity to read the whole book, read the small section ‘Why it matters to all of us’, (especially page 129), as these comments are very apt for ACC in its wider consideration at present.

The Jerusalem Statement from GAFCON 2008 is included to round off this excellent volume. It is a book for our time as it captures the essence of the issues for this time as together confessing Christians stand for the truth in a changing world.

Peter Bentley is the National Director for the ACC