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Latest Confessing Movement News USA - Newsletter

The January - March 2020 We Confess Newsletter provides a very helpful update and overview of the issues for the United Methodist Church with regard to separation.

Note the 2020 General Conference was postponed due to the coronavirus, and will be held in 2021.

Extract below: 

The Time Is Now: Confessing Movement Board of Directors Endorses “Protocol”
On January 15, 2020 the Board of Directors of The Confessing Movement strongly affirmed a Protocol for Reconciliation and Grace through Separation, stating, “We endorse the protocol and pledge ourselves to continue working for new expressions of our Methodist Wesleyan movement.” The Protocol proposes a way to resolve the five-decade long conflict in the UMC related to our understanding of human sexuality and underlying disagreements regarding Biblical interpretation and theological matters. It outlines a series of broad provisions to guide an amicable separation of the United Methodist Church into two or more denominations in the Wesleyan and Methodist tradition. The Protocol was negotiated, with the help of renowned mediator Kenneth Feinberg, by a group of sixteen UMC bishops and other leaders representing the broad theological spectrum of the UMC. Patricia Miller, Executive Director of The Confessing Movement, was an active participant in the five-month process that led to unanimous support for the Protocol from the members of the mediation team. In envisioning a path to amicable separation of the United Methodist Church, the Protocol states, “The United Methodist Church and its members aspire  to multiply the Methodist mission in the world by restructuring the Church through respectful and dignified separation.” The agreement specifically envisions that a new traditionalist Methodist denomination and a “post-separation United Methodist Church” will be formed, while leaving open the possibility of other new Methodist expressions which may emerge.