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Marriage - The Profound Mystery - A New DVD Study series from ACC

Marriage - The Profound Mystery is the new DVD study guide prepared by the ACC Discipleship and Evangelism Commission. Launched at the 2013 ACC Conference on 13th September, it is available as a free resource to ACC congregations and interested members. If you would like a copy of the DVD please contact the ACC office. (Note  - the DVD presentations are also available on Youtube - see below). 

The seven studies are: 

  • Study 1 - From the Beginning of Creation (Marriage in Genesis 1 and 2) 
  • Study 2 - Paradise Lost (Marriage in Genesis 3) 
  • Study 3 - God's Covenant Love (Marriage in the Prophets) 
  • Study 4 - The Greatest Love?Song Ever Written (Marriage in the Song of Songs) 
  • Study 5 - The Bridegroom Arrives (Marriage in the Words of Jesus) 
  • Study 6 - The Profound Mystery (Marriage in Paul's Letters) 
  • Study 7 - The Marriage of the Lamb and His Bride (Marriage and the Consummation of All Things)

Download the Study Guide in PDF format (7 pages) - click here 

Study 1: From the Beginning of Creation 


Study 2: Paradise Lost 


Study 3: God's Covenant Love 


Study 4 The Greast Love Song Ever Written 


Sudy 5: The Bridegroom Arrives 


Study 6 - The Profound Mystery (Marriage in Paul's Letters) 


Study 7 - Marriage and the Lamb (Marriage and the consumation of all things) - click on link below.

Study 7