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Ministry Bag of All Sorts No. 4

Money, Sex and Power.

This is the theme for this years Men's Convention at Belgrave Heights Vic. May 24-25 2013. Registrations and information about MP3's, CD's and DVD's are available. Also a full list of recordings from past conventions. See http://www.bhc.org.au

Walk out of your Church.

Release International is encouraging churches across the U.K. to show support and to stand in solidarity with their persecuted brothers and sisters by holding a Sunday service outdoors. Your Church Council may like to consider a similar service. In Australia where there is increasing regulation and generally less good will towards Christians, this could also be a positive witness and way of claiming a public presence in your community.

Movie Premiere.

"Return to the Hiding Place" tells the story of a Dutch resistance fighter Hans Poley in World War 2 who found refuge at Corrie Ten Boon's house. (Corrie featured in the 1974 movie "The Hiding Place.")
The film is packed with excitement and is superbly written. Recommended for older children and families. It will be screened during the World Congress of Families, Sydney May 15-18. For more info look at http://www.wcfsydney2013.org.au (click movie premiere)

Leadership Resources.

Many social and leadership issues for the church span the globe. A U.K. site worth a visit http://www.care.org.uk Current issues are dealt with in a balanced helpful way eg. What is pornography? Do I have a problem? Help for partners. Advice for church leaders. Young people and Internet safety etc.

Confessing Christ from the Basis of Union.

If you are preaching on the centrality of Christ or wish to draw attention to this theme you may like to include an excellent confession of faith during worship with the title above. It is commended to Congregations as an expression of faith that we hold as a Uniting Church in the fellowship of the Church Universal. Copies available from the ACC website: Click here

Taking Faith Home-Insert.

The Weekly Church News sheet usually attempts to keep people informed about coming events. There is little space or time to use it as a tool for developing Christian nurture. Pastor Greg Priebbenow, Bundaberg Lutheran, in partnership with Faith Inkubators Aust. has produced a helpful weekly insert that each week encourages five faith acts in the home and four keys for service/ practising faith. It is produced solely for use in Australia. Check out http://www.faithink.com.au

Christian Farmer's Conference

For all interested in farming. (not necessarily land owners) There are five Conferences held each year in different locations. South Australia 1, Victoria 3, New South Wales 1. These Conferences provide excellent opportunities for fathers and sons to spend time together as well as to mix with others. See web site http://www.christianfarmers.org.au

Creative Worship

For a look at creative worship and a good use of Google Image and Wiki Paintings it is worth visiting http://www.newmarketbaptist.wordpress.com
An opening prayer; " Jesus light of the world we confess that you are here. Shine your light into the hidden places of our lives and bring warmth to the cold places of our hearts". Amen.

Sydney Anglicanism -an apology by Michael P.Jensen

Dr Michael Jensen's book is a response to some criticism from other parts of the Anglican family towards the Diocese of Sydney. According to Richard Condie's review, the book is in two parts--- The Bible; and the Church. The first part defends the use of scripture in particularly countering the charge of "fundamentalism" and it explains "propositional revelation." The second and longer section that according to Condie's thinking was the most helpful section included a number of practical issues such as lay administration of the Lord's Supper.

Eight Modern Myths about Marriage -by Kevin Andrews, M.P.

An edited extract from "Maybe, "I Do": modern marriage and the pursuit of happiness," Connor Court Publishing 2012. This helpful extract appeared in February 2013 of Vox Point, the national magazine of Family Voice. Psychologist Blaine Fowers suggests that marriage understood as, "An Emotional-based, private affair is one of the greatest tragedies of our time." Many young people are unaware of well researched factors and choices that increase the odds of marital success and beliefs that detract. This article is worthy of wide distribution. http://www.fava.org.au

Ted Curnow