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Responses to the 15th Assembly Revision of Marriage

ACC is pleased to be able to provide responses from some UCA members to help people think through some of the issues, and the implications about the 15th Assembly decision on Marriage and Same-Gender Relationships made on Friday 13 July 2018. These responses have also (mostly) been circulated widely.

For reference the 15th Assembly decision is included below.

The 15th Assembly Resolution on Marriage (Proposal 64 unconfirmed minute from the Uniting Church Assembly)

The ACC Post 15th Assembly Pastoral Letter in response to the decision to revise marriage (one page) 14 July 2018

Two Doctrines Fiction by Rev Jonathan Button, SA (one page) 14 July 2018

Statement to their Congregation (Deception Bay, Qld),(one page) 14 July 2018

Contending for the Faith by Rev Ted Curnow, Victoria (four pages) 17 July 2018

The Dividing Church: When a Denomination Chooses Syncretism  by Pastor Murray Campbell (Victorian Baptist Pastor). Note: first published on 17 July 2018 and then posted on The Gospel Coalition website: 27 July 2018.

Rebuff to the Marriage Decision by Rev Phil Webber,  SA (one page) 18 July 2018

The Naked Emperor by Rev David Kowalick, SA (four pages) R 24 July 2018 

A Wake Up Call for the Uniting Church in Australia by Rev Robert Griffith, NSW (seven pages) 24 July 2018

The Surprisingly Fractious Uniting Church by Dr David Pohlmann, Qld (three pages) 25 July 2018

Game of Churches by Peter Bentley (four pages) 29 July 2018

Compromise, cataracts and our loss of vision in the Uniting Church by Rev Robert Griffith, NSW (two pages) 4 August 2018

Two contrasting and irreconcilable views of Humanity by Rev Rod James, SA (two pages) 5 August 2018

Uniting Sin and Farce by Rev Dr Tim Patrick (a South Australia Anglican minister at the Bible College of SA). Note: first published on The Gospel Coalition website: 7 August 2018

Media Release from the Assembly of Confessing Congregations following Council meeting (1 page) 22 August 2018

Vital Times and Vital Matters: Some reflections on Resolution 64 and Clause 39 of the UCA Constitution by Rev. Robert Griffith (NSW) 25 August 2018

Copy of Letter from Adelaide Congress to the ASC - Received 27 August 2018

Other material for Reference: media coverage

Note: The ACC is mentioned in both of the July radio programs included below and in the Eternity News article.

ABC News Report (national) announcing UCA will conduct same sex weddings (4 minutes): 20/09/18

ABC News Report (Hobart) announcing UCA will conduct same sex weddings from 21 September (4 minutes): 20/09/18

Interview on 23 July 2018 with Damian Wyld (Australian Family Coalition) and discussion on Vision Radio Program (20Twenty) (Podcast - click to listen

Interview on 18 July with the new Uniting Church Assembly President on ABC Religion and Ethics (link for listening options)

News Report 'Uniting Church to hold same sex marriages' in Eternity News 13 July 2018