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Supporting in Prayer

Uniting Prayer and Fasting First Prayer Rally 

On the 15th-17th November 2013, Uniting Prayer and Fasting had its first prayer rally at Merroo Kurrajong NSW. About 40 people, full time and part time, from 4 different Uniting Churches gathered together to pray. The 40 of us were very different in nature, being young and old, rural and city, of many different cultures and backgrounds. Yet, by God's grace we were one in Christ. 

We prayed for the Assembly Standing Committee that was meeting at this time. We also prayed for forgiveness and renewal, repentance and revival in Jesus' name beginning in our own lives, families, church (local and national), workplace, town, city, region, country and the world. 

The theme for the prayer rally was "Loving One Another". This was developed by the Uniting Church President Elect, Stuart McMillan. He writes:

"We have been made one in Christ, that's done. However we struggle to love one another as Jesus commands us. Paul in Romans 12:5 notes we belong to each other. Our church has some very difficult relational matters happening. Let us cry out to God asking forgiveness and for renewal. For they will know us by our love. Really appreciate your commitment to prayer, to the heart of God for our church & our nation." Shalom, Stuart

We had prayer sessions that coincided with the Assembly Standing Committee meetings. In our first and final sessions we celebrated Holy Communion together. Each session was led by a different group including Adelaide Congress, Newtown Mission, and fellowship groups from Liverpool Uniting. These included Hindi, Fijian and Tongan cultural groups and the Youth Group. Each session contained praise, prayer and the word around the theme of loving one another. Over the course of the weekend, we used a map of Australia in our prayers. We added flames of fire to symbolize prayers for revival.

The session leaders prepared themselves in the weeks leading up to the prayer rally by fasting , praying and meeting together in person or phone link.

During 2014 there will be three prayer rallies held at the same time as the Assembly Standing Committee meetings. They are

  • 20th-22nd March at Merroo Kurrajong NSW with a focus on prayer for the indigenous people of Australia. 
  • 18th - 20th July in Adelaide. Venue TBA. Co- led by Adelaide Congress and members of Liverpool Uniting.
  • 14th-17th November at Merroo Kurrajong, NSW.

Rev Anne Hibbard
Coordinator of Uniting Prayer and Fasting, a ministry of Liverpool Uniting Church. Website: http://www.unitingprayerandfasting.com