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The 15th Assembly: Background Overview

Peter Bentley provides an overview  and information about the focus and operation of the 15th Assembly, with a comment on the membership (three pages PDF)

Response and Addendum from Emeritus Professor James Haire AC to Proposed UCA Marriage Changes

James Haire is Professor Emeritus of Charles Sturt University, Australia and Past Executive Director of the Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture. He was formerly the fourth President of the National Council of Churches in Australia and the ninth President of the Uniting Church in Australia. Professor Haire's response to the Assembly Standing Committee (and Doctrine Working Group) Report on Same-Gender Relationships is included on the ACC website for the information of all members of the Uniting Church, and also now includes an Addendum in response to the Doctrine Working Group's response to Professor Haire. The full document can be downloaded as a PDF (five pages).

Comment on the Science in the UCA Marriage and Same Gender Relationships Report

ASC/Doctrine Working Group Report on Marriage and Same-Gender Relationships: What does Science really say?


June 2018

N.E.Whitehead is a semi-retired research scientist who worked with The New Zealand Government, Japanese Universities, and the United Nations. He has more than 150 published papers, and about two dozen of these relevant to same-sex concerns may be found at mygenes. These emerged from about 25 years of research on the subject. A book examining the possible innateness of same-sex attraction may also be downloaded from there cost-free. Dr Whitehead provides a two page reference document here.

Resources for the Marriage Debate in the UCA

ACC Resources for the Marriage Debate within the Uniting Church are found on the link to our Congregational Web page

ACCatalyst September 2018

Compromise, cataracts and our loss of vision in the Uniting Church

Rev Robert Griffith explores the Uniting Church's loss of vision in the post-15th Assembly context. Download PDF (2 pages)

2018 ACC Conference

ACC 2nd Pastoral Letter

A Reflection on ‘The Gospel in the Uniting Church’

A challenging reflection from Rev Robert Griffith (NSW) - PDF (three pages)

Sacred Season of Prayer - Support Each Other

The Sacred Season of Prayer and Fasting goes from Tuesday 5 June and we encourage all members to take part as together we pray for the 15th Assembly.  The season of prayer will conclude on the last day of Assembly, 14th July.  
You can join in using the PrayerMate application that can be downloaded from your normal App stores:

or You can join at any time through the link Sacred Season Devotional