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Praying for the persecuted

Lord God of compassion,strength and might
who delivered Israel
from its bondage in Egypt,
who more than once delivered Paul from his enemies
and who sustained the martyrs
of the early Church.
We pray for the persecuted Church today.
Deliver the Church in (West Java)___________
and in (West Papua)____________
from violence and intimidation
so that believers can
worship in peace
and retain the light, salt
and yeast of the Gospel.
If there is no soon deliverance,
fill the faithful with courage
protect and comfort them.
Amid their suffering reassure them
of your everlasting presence and love.
Lord take what people intend for evil
and use it for good.
Amid the darkness
may the light of Christ
shine more intently
and your power be made
perfect in weakness.
In Jesus name, Amen