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Reflection from Rev Bob Imms

It was reported to me some time back that it was said that "if the ACC had not changed the UCA within three years that we would have had it". That comment worried me a great deal. I do not see the role of the ACC to be on a great campaign about "changing the UCA". God and the Holy Spirit are the only ones who can open their eyes and soften their hardened hearts.

I was in Sydney on the 22nd June 1977 and flew to Kingston the next morning to celebrate with our folk in the (Circuit) Parish, and I have always been convinced that the UCA was the work of the Holy Spirit. It's what some have done through the structures of the Church that has caused us to lose our way. It seems to me that we will only make a difference within the UCA by becoming leaven or salt or the light on the lampstand and so influencing the UCA from within. The greatest influence we can have on the leadership of the UCA is to influence individuals and particularly the ministry within the church by opening their minds and hearts to the Holy Spirit and the truth of God's Word.

Dear ACC members,  be loving, caring and understanding (as I know you will) and give the Holy Spirit freedom to speak through you. Jesus' promise for you is "if the Son will set you free you will be free indeed".

Bob Imms