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John Smith: Australia’s Apologist and Evangelist.

Ian Clarkson provides a tribute to God's faithfulness and calling in the life of John Smith, the founder of God's Squad.

Welcome to my reflections

Ian Clarkson,
Uniting Church Minister, ACC Columnist and Radio Commentator.

Jesus the Prodomos


Rev Ian Clarkson explores the Christian foundation for the Christian Life.

Challenges coming here?

Red Alert - Does the Church have a future?

Ian Clarkson reviews Gil Cann's latest book - about the future of the church in Australia (and wider)

Hell and how (not) to get there

Ian Clarkson's comment on the Israel Folau matter (printed in the June 2018 ACCatalyst)

The Neutering of Death

Ian Clarkson's Column from March 2018 ACCatalyst

What is Meekness?

Ian Clarkson's reflection on being meek today - as published in the December 2017 ACCatalyst magazine

Reformation: Revelation and Reason

Clarkson on the Reformation (Column from September 2017 ACCatalyst)