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Living for Jesus with Perry Smith

O MY GOD (Poem)

O MY GOD" - is heard so often in our everyday conversation and on TV, but Christians can use it as a true prayer when considering God's creation, the Cross of Jesus and in crisis times of illness, accident and death, reaching out for God's help. Perry Smith's poem expresses a reaction to the marvel of creation, a response to the mercy of the Cross and a resource in the moments of crisis.

A Godly Wife (Poem)

A Tribute to a Godly Wife and Mother modelled on the Bible picture in Proverbs ch 31, vv 10-31.

Yielded (Poem)

Read Perry's conviction about ministry and service in Christ.

A Vision for Our Church (Poem)

Perry Smith writes "I have produced this "Vision for the Church" poem for Christian Magazines and Web sites which have published some of my poems and articles. It could be useful in any church where the congregation is geared up to the coming year of opportunity. Let me know if you could use it - being suitable for meditation, inspiration, aspiration - and maybe even transformation!


What Are We Called?

Christians are commonly called many names, but what names does the Bible use to describe us?

Transfiguration (Poem)

A Reflection on the Transfigured Jesus

Misconceptions of Christianity

6 Common Misconceptions that can hold people back from a response to Christ.

Real Christian Giving

Biblical principles, practices, privileges, challenge, vision and fruits.

The Real Christmas (Poem)

What will this Christmas mean to you as pressures come your way?

Living for Jesus Today (Poem)