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Practical and Pastoral – Ted Curnow

Cyber Religion Awaits us

A brief summary introducing to some aspects 'Cyber religion.' A confronting but worthwhile discussion starter for Elders and Church Councils.

For extra information, visit the A.B.C. web site, Encounter Programme, 'Cyber Religion', 22 Aug, 2010.

Don’t Be a Bunny

As our secular society drifts from its Christian roots this is a "hand-out" resource explaining the meaning of Easter. Particularly suited for onlookers and public processions that celebrate the Stations of the Cross.

Confidence in the Living God (book review)

David and Goliath revisited. Some helpful practical insights worth sharing with others. Ideal as a course for the whole Church.

Living the New Creation

A resurrection with content brings purpose and a Christian vocation alive. Adapted from "The Challenge of Easter" by N.T. Wright, this summary calls us to live the New Creation.

The Resurrection of the Body

When we say the Apostles Creed ,what does it mean to believe in the resurrection of the body?  Adapted from "The Challenge of Easter" by N.T. Wright, this summary unpacks the Christian hope.


Murmuring about Ministry

The local Church and the way it functioned used to largely depend upon the influence of one person, the Minister. Not today. A clear shift has occurred.

Affirming Christian Marriage Today

Social Engineers and Militant Lobby groups seek to change the meaning of Christian Marriage. This brief pastoral statement prepared by Rev. Ted Curnow can be used during preparation, or in the Marriage Celebration itself to clarify the meaning of Christian Marriage.

We Are Never Alone

My friend David lost his wife to cancer. His church asked him to preach. From personal experience he shares his insights and God's promises.

Rev Ted (EA Curnow) 

The De-cluttered Message

Beyond religious ritual and tradition here we have key insights of the Christian message put simply and suited to the seeking unchurched person.

Lake in the Desert - Reflection 1

One of a series of six papers that provide a daily account of a Prayer Retreat at Lake Mungo in September 2009, involving listening and learning in an Australian bush environment and that led to searching reflections about aboriginality, identity and insights about reconciliation with indigenous people.