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A Bushfire Prayer

15th January 2020

When one member of the body is suffering, the whole body suffers with it, as we care for one another. We keep in our prayers the communities across Australia facing the heartbreak of unprecedented fires in New South Wales, South Australia, Victoria, Tasmania Western Australia and Queensland.

Bushfire Trauma

Loving God our prayers in this moment

are for those who have suffered trauma

through natural disaster or accident.

We pray especially for the victims of bushfires

in our district, State and across Australia.


We pray in particular for the safety

of those working on fire fronts

and for those who have lost loved ones.

Be with them in their grief and sorrow.

Comfort their torn hearts, heal their memories

and allow hope to visit then again.


We pray for those who have lost their homes or property.

As they grieve the loss of treasured personal possessions,

farm equipment, fences, live-stock, hay and feed,

help them know they are not alone.

Bring comfort and at this time restore their hope.


We pray for those who are helping others

to  bring the pieces of life together again,

Councillors and helping agencies.

Give us grace to stand with one another

and to listen in a way that respects human dignity.


We pray for ourselves as we realize how vulnerable we all are.

Through the ashes and tears renew our awareness

of our need to look to you for wisdom, strength and guidance.


These prayers we pray through Jesus our Lord

who inspires our compassion, and through the Holy Spirit

who even now heals the broken hearted.


Rev E.A. (Ted) Curnow.


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