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Bathed in God’s Glory

18th August 2014


"The whole earth is filled with His glory."


God's glory only became a reality

in our world

when God's son was born at Bethlehem.


Everything Jesus did and said

during his three years of earthly ministry

was bathed in God's glory.


Jesus in his priestly prayer prayed

‘I brought glory to you here on earth.’


At the point of Jesus' death,

for three hours darkness filled the earth.

On Sunday God's glory returned

in the resurrected presence of Jesus.


Quite often the life God has planned for us

is bathed in his glory,

but we do not recognise it as such.


Jesus' prayer for us is that we

 'can see all the glory

you have given me,

because you loved me.' 

This is unbelievable for us yet true.



Bob Imms    17.8.14

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