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Bless the Lord

28th October 2013


Ps 103:1
"Bless the Lord O my soul
and all that is within me
bless His Holy Name."

God blesses us with all of his grace,
love, and gifts beyond number.
Our response is to bless him
"with all that is within us".

It is difficult to bless God,
with all my mind and intellect
A later translation says
"with all my heart".

God has not created us
as human robots.
When we think about our
brain, eyes, ears,
and the wonder of what they do for us,
then it is not hard to talk about
our heart praising him.

We do this through
"His Holy name".
Jesus promises us that if we ask
'in my name"
that God will always answer us.
The wonder of it all is
that after God created the universe,
then in this world he created us.

Is it any wonder that
we would want to bless His holy name?

Bob Imms 27.10.13



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