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Complete freedom and confidence

16th June 2014

Seeds For Harvesting 9/19


EPH 3:12

"In him and through faith in him

we may approach God with

freedom and confidence."


In calling us friends,
Jesus opened the door
to godly knowledge for us. 
"I have told you all
the Father has told me” Jesus said. 
He said that the only way
into the Father's presence
is through his son.
How does this happen? 
"Through faith in him" Paul says,
and our 'faith' approach to the Father
 is with complete 'freedom and confidence’.
 As God freely shares with us
his love and grace
so can we accept it
with complete ‘freedom and confidence’.
Yes, we have every right
to seek for answers about the scriptures,
but we must never doubt
that always God's truth will outshine
all our human answers.
 Jesus says we must love God
“with our whole heart, and mind, and strength’.
Bob Imms 15.6.14


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