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Conversations in Discipleship and Evangelism

3rd February 2013

"Conversations in Discipleship and Evangelism" was launched at the 2010 ACC conference. The DVD consists of 5 x ten minute DVD ‘conversations' with study questions. A copy of the DVD and the study questions was provided to each congregation in the ACC as part of their membership. Groups and congregations are able to freely copy the DVDs and the study guide (which was initially provided in a simple photocopied version with the DVD).
These studies are ideal for use in a Bible Study, or to be handed around to congregation members and is suitable for use as a Lenten Study.

This DVD discusses 5 areas of discipleship and evangelism:

  1. Disciples are called; 
  2. Disciples are sent; 
  3. Disciples participate in Christ's ministry; 
  4. Disciples and discipline; 
  5. Disciples of the Gospel. 

The study guide can be downloaded and photocopied: Click here


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