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Discipleship and Evangelism DVD Series

28th September 2012

  • 2012: No. 3 This is Love
  • 2011: No. 2 The Hope of a New Heaven and New Earth
  • 2010: No. 1 Conversations in Discipleship and Evangelism

No. 1 Conversations in Discipleship and Evangelism (2010)

Five DVD Studies on contemporary discipleship with Revs Derek Schiller, Jonathan Button and Deane Meatheringham. Download the Study Booklet here.

  • Study 1 Disciples are Called
  • Study 2 Disciples are Sent
  • Study 3 Disciples Participate in Christ's Ministry
  • Study 4 Disciples and Discipline
  • Study 5 Disciples of the Gospel

The study guide also includes an article by Simon Dent 'Union with Jesus: The Foundation to Discipleship.'

No. 2 The Hope of a New Heaven and New Earth (2011)

The Discipleship and Evangelism Commission's second DVD ‘The Hope of a new Heaven and New Earth' was launched and previewed at the 2011 ACC conference to an enthusiastic reception. All ACC Congregations, clusters and groups received a copy. Recently a member wrote to the ACC to report that "We are a bunch of Seniors (10) who really found the studies helpful. One lady said they were "life changing". To be reminded that the life secured for us in Christ is not just an 'airy fairy' spiritual existence, but involves the "real me" - body and spirit - together with the whole of creation made perfect - gives real substance to our hope and something positive to look forward too."

The DVD consists of 6 DVD ‘conversations' with four SA UCA Ministers Derek Schiller, Simon Dent, Deane Meatheringham and Jonathon Button. There is an accompanying booklet of study questions. The six conversations are:

  • Conversation 1 Christ Is the Firstborn over All Creation
  • Conversation 2 Covenant and Creation
  • Conversation 3 Our Resurrection - Our Future
  • Conversation 4 What about Heaven?
  • Conversation 5 Dear Death or Dark Devourer?
  • Conversation 6 The New Heaven and New Earth

These studies are ideal for use in a group study, but also lend themselves to individual use as both the study guide and the DVD may be copied, provided it is not for profit.

The DVD and booklet can also be purchased from the ACC office for $10.00 (post included). The study booklet can be downloaded from the ACC website here.

No.3 This is Love (2012)

The latest D & E DVD considers Love in all its glory. Launched at the 2012 ACC conference, copies were provided to ACC congregations. 

The six studies focus on God and His amazing love. Three UCA ministers Derek Schiller, Deane Meatheringham and Jonathon Button converse about the following topics.

  • Conversation 1 Love is of God
  • Conversation 2 Does God get angry with us?
  • Conversation 3 All debts are off!
  • Conversation 4 The Judge's Verdict
  • Conversation 5 How reconciled can you be?
  • Conversation 6 Holy Communion with God

The Study booklet can be downloaded from the ACC website and the DVD copied for non-commercial purposes, or ordered from the ACC office for $10.00 a set.

Download This is Love booklet here 


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