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From everlasting to everlasting

24th October 2009

Isaiah 9:2

We cannot equate these words
with our human experiences.
It would be very hard to imagine
life without a calendar, or a watch,
or for the sun not to rise and set.
We would be lost if we did not have
days, months and years to organise our lives.

The Scriptures are here describing the very nature of God.
He is the Alpha and the Omega.
He is the beginning and the end,
and we find this hard to grasp.
A thousand years are as one day for God.

So God is inviting us to see
beyond our three score and ten years
into an existence with Him that is everlasting.
In John's gospel, Jesus says
“I have come that they (you) might have
and enjoy life in abundance – to the full.” (AMP)

This promise is not just about
the quality of life we now live
but it is also a reflection
of the quality of eternal life.
It is because He is
“from everlasting to everlasting”
that He can promise us this eternal life.
In spite of our turmoil and tribulations,
here and now we can live life to the fullest.
This rich and wonderful life is ours.
It is a promise from God.

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