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God has our worries

4th November 2013


Luke 12:25
"Can all your worries
add a single moment to your lives?"

Here is the all-knowing God,
through his son,
speaking to us.

That all my past worries
can be gathered together
in one small, single sentence
is beyond our human belief.
How much do our past worries influence
our present decision making?

God is always leading us
on into the future.
His grace and love feed us
with hope and courage
for the future
and not worries about the past.

Every good and perfect gift
is a God-gift for us today
and on into the future.

Yes, we must learn from our past mistakes.
But having learnt
we must then put them aside.

God calls us out of darkness
into His glorious light.
His clear message for our tomorrows
must not be filled
with our sorrows about our yesterdays.

Bob Imms 3.11.13


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