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Jesus the Prodomos

1st March 2019

The Prodomos referred to the tender vessel which rowed out to the large merchant ship as it approached the wharf in the ancient port of Alexandria. The seaman would lift the anchor and lanyard onto the small but sturdy prodomos carrying it safely to the wharf, fixing it there and then hauling the great ship to its safe berthing.

This is the name used for our Saviour, Jesus. He is the confessing churches’ prodomos, or forerunner. He has carried the anchor of the souls of the great ship of the confessing church from all continents, across all peoples and down through the ages into its true home. He has fixed it there, firm and fast, safe and sure. He is there thus so are we. In His resurrected flesh rests our flesh to be raised.

At the present you may be buffeted by waves of fear and winds of uncertainty. You may doubt your perceptions of the right and best path. Crippling news may have reached your ears. This is the time to cry out to the One who has gone before. And soon you will feel the unchanging certainty that you are anchored with Jesus and your hope is absolute and more real than any assault of your present circumstances. 

Jesus has gone before. He has raced ahead of all the countless multitude of his church. It is he who has absorbed the fearful minefield of personal guilts real to his redeemed, in his own flesh. He has gone ahead and secured his goal of eternal redemption and safety for his confessing brothers and sisters.

What hope this is. Our heavenly Father has done all He can even swearing on his own character and glory to assure our hearts this is true. This promise is backed by his own moral sovereignty. So how can we honour his love? We can confess him unashamedly, delight in the grace of his law, keep ourselves in his love and commune with him. We can unreservedly seek his Kingdom and we can forgive others as he has forgiven us. Yes we can!

Rev. Ian Clarkson is the Minister for HopeNet in the South Australian Synod, and this article was published as Ian's column for March 2019 in ACCatalyst.


[i] Hebrews 6.20


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