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Jesus was God

3rd March 2014

JOHN 1:1

"The word was God."

We can as easily change this
first verse of John's gospel to
“In the beginning was Jesus
and Jesus was with God,
and Jesus was God."
Quite often when we use the word "God"
we are speaking about the Triune God:
Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
Yes, the Triune God created the universe,
our world and us.
When we read the name "God"
in the Old Testament
then we must think of the Triune God.
It is only when we need to think about the individual roles
of the persons of the Trinity that we separate them,
such as when we talk about Jesus in the Gospels,
and when Jesus describes the work of the
Holy Spirit in John's gospel. 
 In the book of Acts in focusing on the growth of
the infant church in the New Testament
we must think again of the Triune God.
Yes, in the Gospels, Jesus talks about Father, Son and Holy Spirit. 
But always he is talking about the Triune God. 
It's unbelievable but true
that the Triune God speaks to us every day.

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