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Looking forward

23rd June 2014

Seeds For Harvesting 9/20


HEB 12:1

"Let us run with endurance

the race God has set before us."


Let us begin where God begins.
The Living Word reminds us that
we were chosen of God
before we were born.
We who walk with Jesus
were chosen by God before we were even conceived.
We are his chosen ones,
 we are brothers and sisters in Christ. 
We have been bought through
 our Lord's death on a cross.
This is an unbelievable price,
and we believe all this through faith.
Now we must be always looking forward to
 ‘the race God has set before us', 
not forgetting the past but believing through faith,
and enriched through his grace.
Our Heavenly Father
has prepared for us our whole future,
and we can move forward with faith and confidence.
  Faith is the confidence
that what we hope for will actually happen.
Bob Imms    22.6.14



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