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Looking forward

11th August 2014


"We confidently and joyfully look forward

to sharing God's glory."


It is God's everlasting love

and enduring grace

that changes our inward-looking faith

into an experience of

 'confidently and joyfully looking forward.'


So often our 'looking forward'

has to do with our human hope

for the future. 

The good things we look forward to;

that holiday from the humdrum

of our daily living.


But the Living Word instructs us

to see our future

closely tied to 'God's Glory.’ 


Jesus' prayer for us was that

 'I have given them the glory

you gave me.'


No we cannot visualise God's glory,

but we do know Jesus,

and he is sustained by God's glory. 


Not only does Jesus save us from sin

but he also surrounds us

with “God's glory.”



Bob Imms    10.8.14

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