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Lord of My Years - A Fruitful Life (Poem)

1st April 2011

LORD OF MY YEARS: A PERSONAL REFLECTION - "retired" but still serving.

Lord of the years, I'm so aware
that time is ever passing by.
As age increases, time indeed
does more than pass - it seems to fly!

We move a year on calendars
and month by month it races on.
Our birthdays pass and Christmas comes,
and then we find the year has gone.

For some, it's years since they retired
and still their life is very full.
But maybe we should say ‘fulfilled'
for otherwise it would be dull.

Some folk there are who fill their days
in fruitless, meaningless pursuit.
But better far to use their days
in ways that really bear some fruit.

Remember those who ‘still bear fruit
in old age'- see Psalm ninety-two.
They ‘flourish in the courts of God'
and prove his promises are true.

Then read of other older saints.
Psalm seventy-one has much to say
about their life and influence
upon the young - though ‘old and grey'.

We realise that aches and pains
and weariness may come our way.
But having walked with God for years
we still can trust him for each day.

The wealth of grace that we have known
through all the changes we have seen,
enable us to share his love
and show how faithful he has been.

Let not our gathered wisdom fail
to find some outlet in this phase
of life; nor let our special gifts
be wasted in retirement days.

We're family within his church:
in childhood, youth and middle-years,
and older ones, with faith matured
in changing scenes, in doubts and fears.

The Lord still wants to use our gifts,
so never say that you're too old.
Such opportunities abound
to make a difference in his world.

Keep prayerful; read God's Word each day;
and in warm fellowship, inspire
each other to keep serving him.
Remember, Christians don't retire!

Rev. Perry Smith, Belmont, NSW

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