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Mother’s Day (Poem)

1st April 2011

Thank you O Lord for all our Mothers
on this, another Mothers Day.
Somehow there are so many things that
we would want to say.

Mothers are God's unique creation.
They have a very special place.
Theirs is a love that's sacrificial,
calling forth our praise.

Bearing their children starts the process,
caring in life for all their needs.
Giving is in their very bloodstream -
not in words, but deeds.

Mothers have such a lifelong calling.
There's no retirement here below.
Their love, as God's, is never ending
in its overflow.

God planned the ministry of Mothers,
with husbands, loyal at their side.
Children, so full of life's potential -
parents' joy and pride.

Mothers show us their understanding;
love that is ever strong and true,
and when we face life's varied problems,
they can guide us through.

O Lord, be pleased to bless our Mothers.
Help us to value all their care.
Then may they later see in us the
answer to their prayer.

God bless the families in countries
where they are facing suffering,
and may they know the love of Jesus:
Saviour, Lord and King.

Rev. Perry Smith, Belmont, NSW
Suggested Tune: "Thank you for giving us the morning" Australian Hymn Book 114 and Together in Song 162



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