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Not saving us from tripping…

17th March 2014

Heb 7:25
God saves to the uttermost.
We should always believe that
God does not do things in half measure.
Romans 4:21
God fulfills all his promises.
God can draw from his infinite resources
all he needs to care for us.
Eph 3:20
God can do exceedingly abundantly.
He who created the universe
shares with us his exceedingly abundant gifts.
2 Cor 9:8
God makes grace abound.
God’s grace is infinite,
and he make his grace appropriate to our needs.
Jude 2
God keeps us from falling.
Not saving us from tripping,
but keeping us from falling into sin.
2 Tim 1:12
God guards the soul’s treasure.
What a wonderful promise.
Our soul’s treasure is more precious
 than all of our worldly goods.
He alone can achieve this.

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