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O MY GOD (Poem)

1st April 2011

This is heard so often in our everyday conversation and on TV, but Christians can use it as a true prayer when considering God's creation, the Cross of Jesus and in crisis times of illness, accident and death, reaching out for God's help. So I wrote a poem about it which expresses a reaction to the marvel of creation, a response to the mercy of the Cross and a resource in the moments of crisis.

You've surely heard it many times: that ‘O my God!' expression,
which may be spoken seriously in passion, or compassion.
Though sometimes in an off-hand way, in films or on TV.
‘O God!' or ‘O my God!' they say. It could be you or me.
So many never think of God, it's just an exclamation.
They hardly realise it's said - just part of conversation.
But Christian folk put meaning in this saying, for they know
the God it speaks of is revealed among us here below.
We first of all see God at work around us in creation.
‘How great thou art' we sometimes sing in joyful celebration -
in many scenes: on mountain top or standing on the shore,
at morning time or setting sun or when the big waves roar.
But nature does not tell us all; we need the word of Scripture.
We see his world, but need his Word to grasp the fuller picture.
To see God best, look at his Son; in him the Father see,
especially on ‘the wondrous cross' - his death for you and me.
So far we've seen God in his world, and also in his Word.
In nature, Scripture, Saviour, see our gracious, loving God.
Creation shows his power and might; the cross, amazing grace;
but in our times of crisis too, his mercy we can trace.
Yes, he is there, in greatest need, when ‘O my God!' we say,
and suddenly we realise he's but a prayer away.
In many Psalms we read of him as refuge, shield and tower,
as rock and strength and fortress. He is with us every hour.
Then ‘O my God!' is truly said, responding to creation,
and to the cross of Jesus, and the crisis situation.
His love will never let us go, his grace in times of need,
his joy he promised would be ours, his peace is deep indeed.
He calls us to repent of sin and open up our heart
for Jesus Christ to enter in: that is the way to start.
So never struggle on alone, God really loves you too.
Forgiveness and eternal life he offers now to you.

by the Rev Perry Smith of Belmont, NSW.


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