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24th October 2009

2 Thess. 3:16

“May the Lord of peace Himself continually grant you
peace in every circumstance.”

“In every circumstance”
covers life from birth to death.
No part of our lives from childhood to old age and death
is separated from “the Lord’s peace.”

This can only happen because this “peace”
does not originate from us but from Jesus.
It is Jesus’ gift to us.
Jesus’ peace we have no claim to
except by receiving it from Him.
As He is our Lord, Saviour, sustainer, comforter and guide
therefore He alone is our “peace.”
Paul gives Him the rightful title of the “Lord of peace Himself.”

Jesus says “My peace I give to you.”
So not only is it His gift
but we can willingly accept it
as a personal reality in our lives.

It can become a soothing balm
for our troubled minds and hearts
and also a place of refuge for us.

Having offered us His peace He then says
“in the world you will have trouble
but take courage for I have overcome the world.”
His peace is our refuge from our troubles in the world.

For me His peace is a true place of refuge.
The last thing I do at night before I sleep is
I settle into His peace.

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