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Precious - Really Precious (Poem)

1st April 2011


Some precious things are so regarded for the price they bear:
expensive clothes and jewellery which some folk like to wear.
Then other precious things are such because they're old and rare,
like furniture or ancient coins seen at an Antique Fair.

But "precious" can refer to what we cannot live without,
like food and water needed in the desert or a drought. 
On reading Peter's letters in the Bible we may see
what Christians find important and precious to you and me.

A "precious faith" is emphasised, more precious than is gold.
It links us to the living God, whether we're young or old.
Ephesians 2, verse 8 declares by grace through faith we're saved.
In love, our past is blotted out, however we've behaved.

The "precious blood" is also quoted here, as vital too,
compared to silver and to gold, with benefits for you.
The Cross is central to our faith - the cost our dear Lord met
that sin might be forgiven, when he cancelled all our debt.

The Bible's "precious promises" are always very dear.
Do spot them as you read the Word and prove them through the year.
In Peter's letter, through these special promises, we're told
that we may share God's life and be set free from evil's hold.

Our "precious Saviour" is referred to as the "living stone",
a "cornerstone", precious to God, his own beloved Son.
He lived and died and rose again to offer us salvation:
Forgiveness and eternal life - a complete transformation.

We all can know the blessings of that very "precious blood", 
shed on the Cross to reconcile us to a holy God.
But we must grasp those "precious promises", then we may claim
in "precious faith", salvation in our "precious Saviour's" Name.

Rev. Perry Smith, Belmont, NSW

Bible References in NIV: 
Precious blood
: I Peter 1:18-19. Precious Saviour: I Peter 2:4-7.
Precious faith: II Peter 1:1. Precious promises: II Peter 1:3-4.


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