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Rubey and the Spider

22nd November 2009

I was not happy with the big huntsman sitting on my wall. I am not particularly scared of spiders, but I don't like having them inside, and this spider had annoyed me because I had already taken it outside once and it had come back inside again.

But it did cause me to reflect for a while on different people's attitudes towards spiders. Some people are fascinated by the way they move around and the way they get their prey. Others respect them for their important role in the balance of nature. Some people are uncomfortable with them and keep a safe distance. Still other people become uncharacteristically violent, and the spider's life is short thereafter.

Rubey the cat eventually noticed the spider too. She reached as far up the wall towards it as she could and meowed at me. I was curious to see what her attitude would be. Would she be frightened? Would she delicately pat it with her paw out of curiosity?

I was interested to see what she would do so I flicked the spider off the wall. It landed near her on the floor. Rubey pounced. Within seconds all that was left was one spider leg on the floor and Rubey was contentedly licking her lips. The spider was gone.

It's amazing how different people can look at the same situation and see totally different things. Some people always see problems and reasons to be afraid. Some people see challenges and opportunities. People are all different, and cats, I guess are even differenter (if that's a word).

There is no right or wrong personality type, otherwise God would have had to make us all the same, to make it fair. But for Christians, there is always hope. Regardless of how much we tend to see the worst in things, we still have God's promises that he will "Work all things together for good for those who love him" (Romans 8:28).

Figuratively, God can turn the most hideous spider we face into a tasty snack. The things that scare us can turn out to be a blessing, because there is nothing we will ever meet that is outside of God's control. That's one of the good things about being on God's side!


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