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Rubey the traumatised cat

22nd November 2009

It was time for my cat Rubey to make the big shift from my Wongyarra house to the Peterborough manse. So it was that the day came when I unceremoniously shoved her into a borrowed cat cage and off we went in the car. Rubey is not used to car travel and has not been anywhere for nearly four and a half years, and she meowed pitifully for the whole trip, looking terrified. On arrival at the manse she quickly found my bedroom and hid under the bed, where she remained that night and the next day, while I went about my work.
I waited for her to come out, but she didn't. After some time it dawned on me that I was using the wrong approach. Instead of waiting at a distance for her to come out, I went into the room and got on the floor next to her. Then she came out. Alongside of me, Rubey was happy to venture out into the big, wide house. As long as I was with her, she could cope with the fear of the unknown. As soon as I stopped paying attention to her, she scuttled off back under the bed again.
There are times in my life and maybe all of our lives, when we feel like retreating and hiding from the world, because the world can be a scary place, with lots of unknowns. We withdraw from everything, including God and try and find a safe place to hide.
But God doesn't wait at a distance for us to regain our confidence and crawl out of our hiding place to meet him. God comes to us, gets down on his knees and looks under the bed. God meets us where we are, just as we are, with all of our fears, weaknesses and failings. He is ready to take our hand and walk with us into the big wide world where he has so many blessings in store for us.

Are we willing to trust him? Will you take his hand and let him lead you?

And, by the way, Rubey has recovered from her trauma, and now she thinks she owns the place. Typical cat!


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