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Rubey’s Christmas

25th November 2014

Thud! There went another Christmas decoration, off the tree and across the floor with the cat chasing after it. Without a doubt, this was Rubey's favourite part of Christmas. You keep hitting the decorations with your paw until they come off. Baubles were particularly fun because they roll away, and you keep hitting them until you get bored, or they get stuck under something, then the human has to try and get them out.

However, I found that I could not be cross with Rubey, after all, I enjoy all the trimmings of Christmas, so why shouldn't my cat? In fact I found myself encouraging her, kicking a bauble to her so she could attack it and try and kill it.

Rubey knows how to enjoy Christmas. She doesn't get all stressed out about being busy or buying the right gifts or rushing about here and there. She just has fun.

Maybe she's got something there. After all, Christmas is about receiving a gift - a wonderful gift from God. He sent his son into the world to be our Saviour. We didn't have to earn him, there were no strings attached. God simply gave us a gift so that we could be free from sin and be God's friends forever.

Yes, it's true that the busy-ness and the stress and the expenses and difficult relatives are sometimes unavoidable. But all of us need to take time to stop worrying about all of that stuff for a moment and be grateful for the gift we have been given - and to celebrate!

Whatever our circumstances, we can still enjoy that gift, and live with its benefits.

Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to those on whom his favour rests!

May we all have a truly joyful Christmas!




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