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Ruby and the Bully Cat

22nd November 2009

Rubey peered through the door, her eyes wide with fear. Somewhere outside there lurked a nameless menace. Maybe it was close by or maybe not, but it was prowling somewhere, enforcing it's reign of terror.

Twice Rubey had been attacked by this walking object of fear. On the second occasion she had come off badly, and for days she suffered with a sore leg. She refused to go back outside for the next week.

After that she returned to the outdoors, but oh so cautiously and with so much fear.

This morning I met the menace. I saw Rubey walk outside, hiss and then quickly dash off in search of a hiding place, so I went out to meet the terror head-on. And there was a grey cat - yes, just a little kitty cat, but it was this cat who had been terrorising my Rubey and peeing on the back door. "Get lost, cat" I said. The cat looked at me for a second and then darted over the back fence in fear. He was happy to take on my cat, but he knew I was out of his league.

The size and strength of all problems and terrors are a matter of perspective. To a cat, another cat is scary. To a human being, another human may seem scary, or a human-sized problem might seem scary. To God, our enemies look like kitty cats who have jumped the back fence. They might mess with us, but they're not brave enough to mess with our God!

Psalm 37:13 says "The Lord laughs at the wicked for he knows their day is coming". God is more than capable of taking care of us!




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