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Seeing events through God’s eyes

3rd March 2014

"If you are looking for me, then let these men go”.  John 18:8
Jesus spoke these words during his arrest.
Ahead of him were the trial, and the crucifixion:
the most painful death man has ever devised.
Yet still his thoughts were for his disciples:
“Let these men go”!
When we look at the gospel record
of the whole crucifixion event,
we see that Jesus was continually
thinking of others.
He said to John, “your mother”; and to Mary, “your son”;
he said to the thief on the cross,
“You will be in paradise with me.”
On the cross he said,
“Father forgive them,
for they do not know what they are doing.”
Although two thousand years separate us from this scene,
yet still he reaches into our lives, and says to us that
he came that we might have life,
and have it in all its fullness.
What a comfort it is to know
that in spite of what happens to us,
through the strictures and politics of denominationalism,
yet he still says to us:
“you are my friends”,
“my peace I give to you”
“in the world you will have trouble
but take courage”.
How difficult it is to see developing events
through God’s eyes, and not just our own!


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