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Showers of God’s kindness

30th June 2014

Seeds For Harvesting 9/21


EPH 1:8

"He has showered his kindness on us,

along with all wisdom and understanding."


 He has ‘showered his kindness upon us
like gentle rain that is not a torrent
but embracing and penetrating and loving. 
It not only brings sustenance to the soil
and life to the seed,
but gives us confidence
and faith for our future.
‘Kindness’ is one of the qualities
that grow in us as fruit of the spirit,
and the six fruit of the spirit enrich us
through Jesus' three gifts of love, joy and peace.
God does not load us
with a heavy burden of his knowledge. 
Jesus says to us,
 ‘Seek the kingdom of God
and he will give you
 everything you need.’
Let us absorb his
'kindness, wisdom
and understanding’
day by day that it might become
 sufficient for our every need.
Bob Imms   29.6.14



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