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The Future Church of the Third Millenium

24th October 2009

Increasing numbers of people view the church as an old building in which people do strange things.

The future of the institutional church as we have known it in the past is precarious - but possible.

We are not emotionally committed to the past, but to listening to our Lord who lives amid the confusion of the present.

In the future we will be fewer in number and our identity will not be linked to buildings or property but with our different values and life style.

People will be forced to make more specific choices between Jesus Christ and a divided world, this could be painful but it will lead to personal growth, spiritual maturity and a clearer sense of purpose.

Christian people are part of an exciting movement at the beginning of this new century that increasingly calls them to express their love and unity by being on mission together.

We will creatively seize the possibilities of the present in anticipation of God moving towards his future kingdom.

Our frustrations are transformed by the assurance that this is the way that leads to God's final fulfillment in history.

We look forward with expectancy to the time when the kingdoms of this world will become the Kingdom of our Lord and all things are united in him.

Prepared by Rev Ted Curnow


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